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Fibromyalgia Clinic

Jacksonville, FL

Fibromyalgia is a dynamic and multifactorial condition that causes widespread musculoskeletal pain. By definition, Fibromyalgia pain is not explained by any other condition or diagnosis. 

At Medic Health, our goal is to personalize and deliver targeted care for patients suffering with Fibromyalgia. We want to thoroughly evaluate your condition and offer alternative treatments.

If you think your symptoms are related or due to Fibromyalgia, please take a moment to answer the following questions from the Fibromyalgia Rapid Screening Tool (FIRST): 


1. Pain all over the body?

2. Pain is accompanied by a continuous and very unpleasant general fatigue?

3. Pain feels like burns, electric shocks, or cramps?

4. Pain is accompanied by other unusual sensations throughout the body such as pins and needles, tingling or numbness?

5. Pain is accompanied by other health problems such as digestive problems, urinary problems, headaches, or restless legs?

6. Pain has a significant impact on activities of daily life, particularly on sleep, and the ability to concentrate making you feel slow or like having a “mental fog”?

If you answered "Yes" to 3 or more of the above questions, there is a probability that your symptoms are related to Fibromyalgia. Further evaluation and assessments are needed to establish the diagnosis more accurately. 

Initial Evaluation: Includes questionnaires, physical evaluation and assessment, and laboratory (Blood) work up. 

Comprehensive treatment plan:  Evidence based therapies, and ongoing symptomatic support including medication prescription and management. 


Nutritional counseling- Nutritional habits evaluation and coaching to promote natural healing and less inflammation.

Activity and exercise- Stretching and exercise prescription to increase mobility and functionality to strengthen the tendons, muscles and bones.

Sleep- Screening for common sleep related disorders. Intervention and referrals (sleep study, etc).

Cognitive and Mental Health - We offer therapy modalities to help the brain process pain signals as "safe".  We offer screening, and early intervention and management of any existing mood disorder (Depression, Anxiety, PTSD). More specialized treatment such as Cognitive behavioral therapy or psychiatric referral are available.

Supplemental therapies:  The treatment plan may also include one or more of the following treatments to improve Fibromyalgia symptoms and accelerate recovery:

- Non surgical Vertebral Decompression Therapy (Lumbar and Cervical) using the DRX-9000

- Infrared Sauna.

- Red light therapy.

- Ketamine Infusion treatment


Pharmacological treatment- Prescriptions for non addictive medications could be prescribed for a period of time to control Fibromyalgia symptoms while active treatment is ongoing. 

Opiate Medication Help- We help taper off pain prescriptions using FDA approved medications with lower habit forming potential to help patients depend less on opioids for pain treatment.

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