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Meet Dr. Shehadeh

Mohammad Shehadeh, M.D., has spent his medical career dedicated to provide the highest level of empathy and compassionate care to his patients. He is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus where he obtained a major in biology. He received his medical degree at the Universidad Central del Caribe in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. He completed his Internal medicine residency at University of Florida in Jacksonville.

He is an established and highly skilled physician with over 16 years of experience who practiced as a hospitalist in multiple hospitals in the area and as a medical consultant in psychiatric facilities. Early in his career, he worked in Puerto Rico and Michigan before settling down again in the First Coast.

Dr. Shehadeh is a diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine. He is passionate about providing the highest level of medical care, and his main areas of interest include primary preventive care, health optimization, wellness, counseling, and coaching. He is fluent in Spanish, English and Arabic.

Dr. Mohammad Shehadeh

From Dr. Shehadeh desk:


With easy access to online information and the vast number of online resources, the search for real answers to our medical problems has been more confusing than ever before. Seeking adequate medical care in today’s world should not be complicated. I have seen so many patients searching for alternative options but settling for the conventional medicine they have learned to live with. Most modern diseases can be prevented by making changes in our food choices, behaviors, and lifestyle. In some cases, disease processes can also be reversed.

Our body works in synchrony 24/7 and has the remarkable ability of self-healing and autoregulation. The balance in our metabolism is intrinsically connected with all our organs and systems (immune, excretory, lymphatic, circulatory, gastrointestinal, neurological, musculoskeletal) and all these systems form an interconnected web which is controlled by our hormones, neurotransmitters, and cellular pathways.

I firmly believe that there is no better prevention than education and that an educated patient is better equipped to have a healthier and happier life. I am committed and motivated to assist you and guide you towards that goal and help you manage your medical problems and/or symptoms. All this can be accomplished with lifestyle changes. From making better food choices to exercising more, the goal is to put you in charge of your own health so you can live longer, with more energy and with less medications. Let’s start this journey together.

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